Production Technology of Cauliflower in Pakistan

production technology of cauliflower in Pakistan

 Production technology of cauliflower in Pakistan

Cauliflower is a major vegetable in Pakistan. Early sowing can place this vegetable in high income group. Its sowing time starts from June in nursery till the end of October.  In nursery, seed germinates in 3 days and 35 days old nursery is capable of shifting. 

For seed germination min 4C – 5C, avg 15C – 20C and max 35C – 38C temperature is required. Around  75-100 grm seed is required for hybrid varieties while for local varieties, around 300 grm seed is sufficient. One acre needs  two marla area nursery.

Beds sowing method can yield better than any other sowing method . The line to line distance should be 2.5ft while plant to plant distance should be 10-12 inches. In late sowing, direct seed should be applied on beds instead of nursery.

Yield potential of local varieties is 200 to 250 maunds but hybrid varieties can yield up to 300 to 400 maund per acre. The crop harvested till October gets higher rates but later than it can return average income to farmer. In December, its production goes to peak which may result in loss. In Jan and Feb, this loss may also happen. The farmer can overcome this loss only by high yield.

The major issues in its low income are, pest pressure, weeds and seed quality. By following production technology of cauliflower in Pakistan and planting at right time with hybrid varieties, a progressive farmer can get yield up to 350 maund per acre. This yield can reward 1 to 1.5 lac rupees per acre. 

High earning criteria

For high yield, following points are important,

  • Healthy soil
  • Timely Sowing
  • Top yielding varieties selection
  • Exact number of plants per acre
  • Beds sowing method
  • Prevention against pests
  • Prevention against weeds
  • Micro nutrients usage
  • Good Marketing

Hoping that farmer can follow above guideline to earn better for his family and also for our country. 

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