Agriculture books in Urdu

Agriculture books in Urdu:

Production Technology of New Crops:

Salad ki Kasht

Production Technology of 10 Most Profit Crops:

Production Technology of Major Crops:

All Major Crops

Production Technology of Vegetables:

Tomato ki kasht

Matar ki kasht

Karela ki kasht

Piyaz ki kasht


All Vegetables

Production Technology of Oil Seed Crops:

Alsi ki kasht

Arand ki Kasht

Canola ki kasht

Raya ki kasht


All Oil Seed

Production Technology of Pulses:

Chanay ki kasht

Lobia ki kasht

Mash ki kasht

Masoor ki kasht

Mung ki kasht

All Pulses

Production Technology of Horticulture:

Aam ki Kasht

Anar ki kaasht

Amrood ki kasht

Angoor ki Kasht

Falsa ki Kasht

All Horticulture

Production Technology of Spices:

All Spices

Production Technology of Fodder Crops:

All Fodder Crops

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64 thoughts on “Agriculture books in Urdu”

  • Hanif Shah

    thans fruitful

  • Ishfaq Anjum Sameja

    Fruits laganey k mosam ?

  • Mohammad Yaseen khosa

    Bahot acha hai

  • Shafqat ali

    Sir zamèen k lye pani ka TDS level or PH level kitna ho jo better he

  • Dr. Rizwanullah Junaid

    Dear sir kinly sugest veraity fof cultivation in Thatta area in sindh pakistan . The land is Barani and sorce of water is Tube Whell.

  • Naveed iqbal Malik

    How I can purchase all agricultural books? Plz tel me

  • mian zia ur rehman

    what is the control of bullrush plant, (konder) which grows near the river water? chemical or other available in pakistan

    • Naveed Ahmad

      Dear Mian Zia ur Rehman sb,

      Koder can be controlled by spraying Paraquat or Glyphosate. But in our desi style, while there is flood or chance of flood, please cut it to the surface level or below water in flood. If its top shoot remains under water for certain time, it will be dried till roots. So we also cut it right before flood or in standing water.