Thursday , October 24 2019
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  1. salam to all i like to invest in rice i dont have any experience in this field so any can help me
    i am in lahore i have 1 lakh rs 100000
    should i buy rice ?
    which quality should to buy ?
    from which city i should to buy ?
    is rice good for investment ?

    i hope u will help me

  2. zaheer uddin quresh

    I am serious to purchase gir cow

  3. I would have to start tunnel farming

    • Dear Waqar,

      I am going to add videos recorded by me on a farm for tunnel farming, a complete series till harvest.
      I am sure you will love that.

      Dear Iijaz,

      Please specify the area of agriculture for which you need videos please.

  4. it is very nice effort . How I can see videos regarding Agriculture

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