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Subsidy on Sunflower Seed and Support Price: Secretary Agriculture Punjab

Subsidy on Sunflower Seed and Support Price: Secretary Agriculture Punjab

“Govt of Punjab is going to announce subsidy on Sunflower and Canola seed and also support price of these crops”, told by  Secretary Agriculture Punjab Muhammad Mehmood Secretary Agriculture Punjab Muhammad Mehmoodat cotton seminar in Bahawalpur. “Govt is going to demote sowing of wheat crop in next season as govt has run short for storage of further wheat. There is already a stock of 60 million ton of wheat in govt stocks due record crop and due to subsidy “, told by him. Secretary Agriculture Punjab Muhammad Mehmood updated that the govt is going to decrease sowing of wheat and promote oil crops, vegetables and horticulture. There is a surplus stock of 2 million ton of sugar, so the South Punjab farmers should change their policy of sowing wheat, rice and sugarcane crops, updated by Secretary Agriculture Punjab Muhammad Mehmood.

He was addressing a seminar on cotton organised by PCPA – Pakistan Crop Protection Association, Agriculture Department Punjab and Pakistan Kissan Itehad at Bahawalpur. He updated that the farmer should focus on cotton crop at this stage. The govt will make his best to stabilize the cotton price. The farmer should make a spray according to the pest in proper way. So that he may not suffer from yield of cotton crop. Secretary Agriculture Punjab Muhammad Mehmood told that the govt and all its departments are behind the cotton farmer and ready to support him. The farmer should make their mind for sowing of sunflower and the policy for sunflower seed, canola seed and support price on these crops will be announced soon. 

The research scientists presented facts for different pests of cotton and their solutions as well in this seminar. The director cotton research institute Dr Sagheer Ahmad briefed on cotton nutrition, their requirements in crop and application time. The director general research Punjab Dr Abid Mehmood presented figures of Pakistan cotton production and export. He also briefed comparative study of different cotton varieties. He updated the farmers that research department is working on the cotton varieties harvested mechanically in future due to shortage of labor.

The director agriculture extension Zafaryab Haider briefed about the activities of his department. Asif Majeed, the owner of Evoyl group presented information for spraying method on cotton.  


Address of Secretary Agriculture Punjab:

Subsidy on sunflower seed and canola seed 

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