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Sowing to Harvesting – Watermelon – Muhammad Abuzar Kathia

Sowing to Harvesting


Muhammad Abuzar Kathiaabuzar-kathia

Cell No : 0313/0300 4535975

M uhamamd Abuzar Kathia belongs to Mamu Kanjan dist Faisalabad. He is progressive grower of watermelon, Maze and other crops. Here is his production technology for his watermelon crop of year 2015-16




Sowing Time Nov to Feb
Sowing Method Low Tunnel [Nov], Open [Feb]
In central areas of Punjab, like Fasialabad and Sahiwal divisions, watermelon sowing is made from mid Nov to mid December using low tunnel method.
No of lines in an acre 20
Plant to plant distance 1.25ft to 1.5ft
Total no of plant in an acre 6,000
Sowing Time One DAP and one SOP
Foliar Npk+aminoamacid+boron
Fertigation 20kg nitrophos and 12 kg sop per acre after every second irrigation….. 1 CAN/Gawara before fruiting
  • Special care against rodents
  • Spray fungicides
  • Remove plastic cover of tunnel till Feb 20
  • Move the plant direction to beds
  • Make at least 3 foliar sprays of Boron in March on weekly basis
  • First picking of fruit would be ready till the mid of April
  • Recommended variety : Augusta of Syngenta
Yield 900 Maund per acre

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