kinnow export from Pakistan goes down 40%

Mandarins or Kinnow have been affected by viruses in the Pakistan farms. This is the reason which has reduced the export quality of the kinnow, which mainly go to the Russian market.
“The kinnow export will be reduced by 40% this year,” said Saleem Sadruddin from Sadruddin. “We have just 60% of export quality left for the Russian market and we’ll have to see what the prices are going to do.”

The season will start the end of November and luckily the earthquake did not harm the kinnow harvest and export any further.

Sadruddin & Co., was established in 1976 and starting export fresh fruits Kinnow Mandarins since 1989. Today Sadruddin & Co., is leading grower, processors & exporters of Kinnow Mandarin.

S&C is now equipped with two ultra modern Fomesa (Spanish) Packing lines and computer controlled state of art cold storages and pre-cooling chambers.

S&C have built a reputation for integrity, honesty, quality and innovation. A focus on market trends and customer needs has helped the company supply exceptional products to its customers.

Its based in Bhalwal.

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