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  1. aoa,

    i want to have some free plants in lahore.. any body knows from where i can get free plants?

  2. salam,
    i am intrested to know that is this offer still valid in yer 2017. if yes than what is the schedule to apply and what is the procedure to apply.

  3. Ch Zishan Ahmed

    Free olive plants

  4. From Chakwal to Chitral
    Mianwali to Muzaffarabad
    & Beautiful Baluchistans many areas are suitable for olive growing

  5. I lives in usa and want to buy land for farming olives can you please tell me how can I buy land which is suitable place

    • Hi Mr ahmad,

      I am progressive farmer in region jhelum.
      I have an MBA degree and started farming,
      If you are intrested then you can join me for getting land and startin the olive project.


      Ammar Ahmad
      0092 341 6262000

  6. Respected sir…
    Assalamualyum dear sir I am from thandiani which is belong with Abbottabad…Sir I want to plantation of Olives in my area…but I haven’t enough money for buying Olives trees….if you help me for Olives trees by according to free olive plantation in Pakistan from govt of Punjab…..

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