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Free olive plants offer by Punjab govt

Free olive plants
Free olive plants


For Olive farming videos

1 – Olive farming part 1
2 – Olive farming part 2
3 – Olive farming part 3

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  1. Respected sir…
    Assalamualyum dear sir I am from thandiani which is belong with Abbottabad…Sir I want to plantation of Olives in my area…but I haven’t enough money for buying Olives trees….if you help me for Olives trees by according to free olive plantation in Pakistan from govt of Punjab…..

  2. I lives in usa and want to buy land for farming olives can you please tell me how can I buy land which is suitable place

  3. From Chakwal to Chitral
    Mianwali to Muzaffarabad
    & Beautiful Baluchistans many areas are suitable for olive growing

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