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Flying pumpkins spotted in Japan


The Farmers of Naganuma within the prefecture have started cultivating kabocha pumpkins by keeping them suspended on top of ground. Called as aeroculture, this methodology ensures the lower half the squash, which might unremarkably be submerged in soil, receives daylight because it grows. Consistent with the farmers, this produces well-colored pumpkins.
When pumpkins square measure fully grown via the standard methodology, the facet connected with the soil tends to become yellow because of an absence of daylight, or the surface tends to be rough. Suspending pumpkins within the air as they grow helps them develop a pleasant form and color as a result of the complete surface is equally exposed to daylight.
“This year, our pumpkins have a higher texture and quality than on the average,” same Shinsei screen President Masaei Takada. The company’s pumpkins were commercialism at regarding ¥3,000 per ten kilograms — the next worth than for pumpkins cultivated on soil.
These rigorously fully grown kabocha have come back to be called “flying pumpkins.” Shinsei screen Associate in Nursingd neighboring farmers have established an association for the turn out and ship a complete of regarding seven,000 of them every year.

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