Fears of sharp fall in sugar prices in Pakistan

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fall in sugar prices in Pakistan
Fears for sharp fall in sugar prices in Pakistan are forecasted. Deals for new crop season 2020/21 start at Rs 7,000 to Rs 7,200 per 100 kg. While now the imported sugar is on the way. Market sources say that the sugar ex-mill rate will be 6,000 per maund. The retail price will be 63 to 65 per kg. With such a drop in sugar prices, the price of sugarcane is expected to destabilize this year. The farmers got very good price for sugarcane last year 2019-20 which started from 150 per maund and ended at 220-240 per maund. The rise in sugarcane price was due to shortage of cultivated crop. This rise is sugarcane price was due to demand of sugarcane by sugar mills. The sugar mills then raised the sugar price in Pakistan which started from 65 per kg at harvest time and has reached now 92/- rupees per kg till today. This attempt to fall in sugar price in Pakistan will be a planning to purchase the sugarcane at lowest prices from farmer. The sugarcane harvesting will start from Nov and the sugar prices in Pakistan will reach to its lowest rate till that time.

Saturday 19th, September 2020

Price (Rs) /50kgUp/DownUp/Down Price (Rs)Up/Down Ratioشہر
Chakwal4000 – 45004500 4600-100-2%چکوال
D G KHAN4400 – 44254425 4425  ڈیرہ غازی خان
Faisalabad4580 – 46304630 4630  فیصل آباد
Gujranwala4500 – 45504550 4550  گوجرانوالہ
Khanewal4570 – 45704570 4575-5-0%خانیوال
Lahore4450 – 44504450 4450  لاہور
Lala Musa4400 – 46004600 4600  لالہ موسیٰ
Mian Channu4425 – 44254425 4425  میاں چنوں
Multan4550 – 45604560 4550+10+0%ملتان
Okara4460 – 44604460 4440+20+0%اوکاڑہ
Rawalpindi4650 – 46604660 4660  راولپنڈی
Srai Alamgir4500 – 47004700 4700  سرائے عالمگیر
T T Singh3500 – 35003500 0  ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ


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