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Top 6 major weeds in cotton and their control

Cotton is a major cash crop in Pakistan. Weeds are a prominent factor to decrease cotton yield which can be up to 48%. Weeds like It-Sit and Tandla make a damage more than 50% in cotton and are major weeds in cotton. The timeline of weeds to affect cotton crop is up to 50 to 60 days after germination. So a farmer should be alert in this time frame. After this time slot, weeds pressure is low and these can be controlled easily as cotton covers the field.

Effects of weeds on cotton

  • Yield Loss
  • Increase in expenses
  • Disease and pests pressure
  • Low quality yield
  • Problem in picking


Major weeds in cotton

Almost 40 different types of weeds germinates in cotton in Pakistan. We can divide these weeds in three following categories.

  • Highly Dangerous
  • Medium Dangerous
  • Low Dangerous

Highly Dangerous

There are 6 weeds placed in this group which badly effect the cotton crop. These are,

  • It-Sit
  • Madhana
  • Deela
  • Chaulai
  • Khabal
  • Lamb Grass
اٹ سٹ
اٹ سٹ


ڈیلا - بڑا ڈیلا
ڈیلا – بڑا ڈیلا


لمب گھاس
لمب گھاس


مدھانہ گھاس
مدھانہ گھاس


جنگلی چولائی
جنگلی چولائی


Medium Dangerous

There are 8 weeds placed in this group which effect medium on the cotton crop. These are,

  • Qulfa
  • Bakhra
  • Hazar-dani
  • Tandla
  • Chibbar
  • Lomer Grass
  • Makoh
  • Lilih

Low Dangerous

There are 5 weeds placed in this group which effect low on the cotton crop. These are,

  • Puth Kanda
  • Ledhra
  • Hilhil
  • Laal dhodhak
  • Swanki

Methods to control weeds in cotton

There are 11 different methods to control weeds in cotton. These are,

  • Crop Rotation
  • Land Preparation
  • Sowing Method
  • Fertilizer Application
  • Plant Population
  • Ridge Sowing Method
  • Timely Sowing
  • Field Visits
  • Hoeing Before First Irrigation
  • Hoeing After Irrigation
  • Pre-emergence Chemical applications
  • Post emergent chemical application

The farmer should be well are of all major weeds in cotton, their time of action, their control specially at sowing time. He should have knowledge of chemical control of weeds. The time to apply the pre emergence and post emergence chemical and the proper method of application is also very important to have effective control. So the end results would be always good.


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