Thursday , August 24 2017
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Carrot Seed for Sale from Farmer

Carrot Seed Available from Farmer

Long Red variety, a high yielder

Germination : 80%

Farmer Name : Muhammad Asif Awan

Contact No : 0307-6667799

About Naveed Ahmad

Naveed Ahmad is working as a Software Engineer in a company. He is a farmer as well. Other than the admin of this website, he created a page , created and managing many groups like Crop Cost and saving discussion group, Crops Rates.


  1. Naveed sir .. I am from India . Congratulations for creating such wonderful website and blog, And Thanks For helping farmers,, i am requesting all Pakistani brothers to get maximum benefit from knowledge of Naveed bhai …

    • Aap ka bahut bahut shukriya Navnit Patel bhai …… aap say hamesha rehnomai li hae ….. aur future mein bhi hum donun side k farmers ki behtri k leye ek dosray say ta-wun rakhein gay aur es website ko donun mulkun k farmers ki zarat ka platform banaen gay
      In sha ALLAH

  2. Good job.
    Keep it up.

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