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Cotton Growers Competition Awards Announced in Punjab

Cotton Growers Competition Awards

In last few year, cotton sowing area has been decreased rapidly due to different reasons. There were many factors due to which the growers switched to other crops.  The top most issue was the weather. Heavy rains affected crop. the weather changes in the month of September put the yield down. The farmers switched to other crops like Sugarcane, Mung, …

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Sowing to Harvesting – Watermelon – Muhammad Abuzar Kathia


Sowing to Harvesting Watermelon Muhammad Abuzar Kathia Cell No : 0313/0300 4535975       Sowing Sowing Time Nov to Feb Sowing Method Low Tunnel [Nov], Open [Feb] In central areas of Punjab, like Fasialabad and Sahiwal divisions, watermelon sowing is made from mid Nov to mid December using low tunnel method. No of lines in an acre 20 Plant …

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Sowing to Harvesting – Wheat – Mian Muhammad Asim


Sowing to Harvesting Wheat Mian Muhammad Asim Arain       Sowing Sowing Time Nov 10, 2015 Seed Rate 50 kg [40 is enough] Variety Galaxy 2013 Sowing Method Drill – Coulter Drill [Fertilizer at two inch distance from seed ] Seed Treatment Hombre [2ml] and Fertograin [5ml] per kg Fertilizer Sowing Time 1.5 DAP – Jaffar Brothers 1st Irrigation …

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Watermelon Production Technology


Watermelon belongs to war season family crops like squash, cucumber and pumpkin. It can be grown on well drained soil. Cultivars : Watermelon shape can be round or oval. While the rind color can be dark to light green and with or without strips. Its varieties can be divided into three groups, Planting and Spacing Watermelon seed germinates at soil …

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Rotadrill – Rotavator and coulter wheat drill together

Rotadrill - Rotavator and coulter wheat drill together

AgriculturePk is working to show the work of AMRI – Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute Multan to farmers. Here is a video of a model of RotaDrill, a Coulter wheat drill attached to rotavtor. Both the process are completed in one operation. Any one willing to get it, should consult any manufacturing company which would consult AMRI to view this model.

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Direct Seeding of Rice in Pakistan


گزشتہ چند سالوں میں بہت سی فصلوں خاص طور پر چاول کی قیمتوں میں بہت کمی آئی ہے . جب کہ زرعی مداخل کی قیمتیں اس تناسب سے کم نہیں ہویں . لہذا بعض اوقات کاشتکار کو فصل کی کم قیمت ملنے کی وجہ سے ان مداخل کی لاگت بھی پوری نہیں ہوتی . یہ بحران نہ صرف ملکی ہے …

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Fenugreek Production Technology

methra ki kasht

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Fenugreek Production Technology

Methi ki kasht

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Carrot Seed for Sale from Farmer

carrot seed sale - 6

Carrot Seed Available from Farmer Long Red variety, a high yielder Germination : 80% Farmer Name : Muhammad Asif Awan Contact No : 0307-6667799

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20 Lac Free Olive Plants for Pothohar Farmers by Punjab Govt


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